Speak Japanese Like a Native book release

Hi everyone! Meagan here. I’ve started a few writing projects for 2021 in between translating and interpreting, and the first has been launched on Amazon.

The book is called Speak Japanese Like a Native, and it basically walks you through the most effective way to learn Japanese as an English native. As well as outlining the best overall learning approach, it also covers kanji, pronunciation and common mistakes that foreigners make when learning or using Japanese.

It’s quite a light read, intended to be a companion to your Japanese study resources. Give it a skim if you’re in need of some language learning motivation!

Speak Japanese Like a Native is available on Amazon for about $4, or for free through Kindle Unlimited.


I’m also running a free book promotion until Thursday (Feb 11) to celebrate the launch! Access it for free for a limited time only.

Buy the book here!


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